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Pack up your vintage life... we're leaving

I wish as far as I can tell inside this dried up wishing well...

the girl who's just your 'friend'
2 May 1988
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I have the most amazing family in the world.
Well, mostly just my Aunt Gina and my Grandparents.
They want to see me succeed.

I'm a junior in college.

Major: Painting.
I want to minor in Sociology or creative writing. Or something else.
This is a time capsule and glimpse into my pathetic train of thought. Sometimes, I'm repetitious. Other times, I'm not. I fluctuated in my moods a lot. Sometimes I get lucky. Sometimes I don't care.

Recently I've learned the value of a friend. And I'm not scared to tell you that you're nothing to me.

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fun-loving, stubborn. Always wants to try something new and is in love with thai food. Likes watching indie movies, loves buddy holly glasses, and boys with cute emo hair.
Strengths: blunt, daring, always trying something new, has common sense, cultured
Weaknesses: passive, shy when around new people, can't be a leader or a follower, indecisive
Special Skills: art, painting, charming, funny, convincing, debates against anything she thinks is unjust
Weapons: comebacks, fist, buddy holly glasses, laser vision
dorks: dorks is the awesome category of being yourself. You can be coooolll... but always have something dorky. So the value of this category is pretty high...

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