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27 May 2009 @ 07:47 pm
I'm not trying to get into your pants you twit.  
I know many people out there. Many are friends, many are people I’ve met a couple of times and still seem to get along well….

But the baffoon’s I’ve met and tried to talk to, about a year or more after I’ve seen them.

They think they’re hot shit because “oh my band is somewhat successful, and you’re just trying to get in my pants.”

“I have no time to talk to you, you’re not that important.”

“You’re not hipster enough for me… yattayatta”

Not that they have said these things, but I hate people who have that air about them. That snooty, artsy, hipster shit.

I’m artsy, I joke about being hipster, but at least I’m personable.

Oh get the fuck off your high horse, because I don’t want to get into your damn pants.
I have a boyfriend, and he’s all I need thank you.

I just find you to be an interesting human being, and we’ll I’ve met you only 10 times, and I’m bored, no one else is on the computer, so I talk to whomever might be on.

Plus, I like to find out who has a sense of humor.


(This does not include Darren Robinson)
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